Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Graduation has passed and Summer Vacation is Here!

Dear Dialog,

I apologize for my severe delay in postings... This last term has been the craziest ever... I had 5 seniors graduate and I am so proud of them for doing so! They all worked so incredibly hard and deserved this wonderful achievement in their lives.

These are just two of the kiddos I had the amazing pleasure to help out the last two years. I am so proud and happy that they are able to move on and begin the greatest journey of their lives... Deciding "what they want to do when they grow up".

Now, this summer, I plan on enjoying my time off from teaching. This is the first summer in YEARS that I am not taking a full course load of undergraduate or graduate courses or nannying multiple wee-ones. I plan on soaking up the sun, taking a wonderful nap in a friends pool on a delightful floatie, reading multiple books, running, walking Sofie the Hound and taking as many Fried Fat BootCamps and Spin classes as I can. I am taking one graduate course this summer, but it does not start till the end of July.

I do have to say that while I am so happy in my job and I love what I do, the following picture below most definitely represents how I felt when 1:55pm came around on 6/12/2013!

Any who... I will be checking in several times this summer updating you on my summer escapades and adventures... I plan on doing some work on my classroom and putting up some new quotes that hopefully will give my students inspiration and something to think about. I will also be looking at creating a graduation tree that has a photo of each of my graduates, building from the bottom and then moving upwards.

Well, that is all I have for now... Talk to you all soon!


(Photos above have been posted with permission by my former students)