Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crazy things my students say

So the other day, my students and I were talking. I made a joke about one of them not bringing in cake for me since my birthday was on Sunday as she was eating fudge covered brownies right infront of me.

She quickly and politely offered me a piece but since class was right before Girls PE, it didn't seem like a good idea.

I was asked how old I was turning... "27" I replied to the few that had now joined the conversation.

I was asked if I was going to get "crunked up" to which I replied no. (Still have no idea what "crunked up" means but I am guessing it is not something I would like nor is school appropriate)

One student quickly responded by saying... "No, I think she is going to go celebrate by going to CrossFit and then do some math problems".

I laughed and said, "You know me so well... No just probably a movie and dinner with my Husband and a few friends."

I was then asked again, by someone who hadnt heard how old I was turning, how old I was going to be. I again stated "27", she quickly blushed and then moved away... I asked her where she was going so quickly. She stated that she thought I was much older than that and didnt want to offend me. I asked how old she thought I was and she replied "35 or so..."

OUCH! That hurt!

So apparently I am a 35 year old looking 27 year old math teacher who only does CrossFit and Math problems at home to celebrate because I am so cool...

Definitely made my day.

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