Friday, August 24, 2012

An Introduction

Dear Diary,

You are a new adventure for me. A new adventure that I am really looking forward too. You are going to allow me to do so much and talk about anything and everything that is on my mind. You are my dia-log... my Diary Blog!!!

Well to the main point of this dia-log... 
 I will discuss the challenges, the successes, the tears, the smiles, the love, the hate and so much more of what it is to be a teacher. 
Because, I am not just a teacher... 
I am a teacher, a social worker, a counselor, a friend and a support system.
I will also discuss the pitfalls and the high points of our current educational system and how it is currently setting students up for failure. 
I will suggest ways to change it, but only so much can be done when you don't have people who work in education, trying to fix education.
I will talk about the challenges of attracting good teachers to education. I will talk about how the average new teacher, with either a Bachelors or Masters degree, makes the same yearly salary as a High School Graduate.
I will talk about how with so little we are paid, we able to do so much and provide so much for our classrooms and our students.
This is a school year journey. 

This is Confessions of a Charter School Teacher. 

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