Monday, August 27, 2012

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings... How I hate thee!

Dear Dialog,

Today was the first day of meetings for our week of school in-service. Today was categorized by the following:

1. Welcome Back Breakfast
2. Introductions
3.  Group Bonding with Play-doh - Create your Career Tech Program
4. Schedule
5. Subject Articulation with the Local Community College
6. Lunch
7. Classroom Prep Time

Tomorrow, in addition to my regular meetings, I have a training for School Master that I will be attending. This is our data entry system for Attendance and Grades. This year we are using their Gradebook application which we have not done previously. I will be a member of the support team. This means that when any of my co-workers have a concern or trouble with School Master, I will be one of the members that they can go to for assistance. 

Besides having a hard time waking up and now keeping my eyes open, today was a good day. 

I did learn that I will be receiving two additional computers, for a total of five, in my room for student use in addition to an ceiling video projector.  I will also be receiving a type of program similar to a SmartBoard. This piece of equipment will allow me to use and create an interactive SmartBoard without the cost of one. I am quite excited to use this piece of equipment in my room. 

More tomorrow!!!

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