Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Thank You...

Dear Dialog,

Last night I received some amazing comments on my Facebook page from both students and colleagues concerning my post regarding the second Presidential debates...  Today, I would like to keep this post light hearted and share some warm words of admiration and inspiration from them. They are the reason why I do my job. Thank you to all who posted. Your words meant a lot.

"It is sooo sad, you are funding our future, building the bridge for the people that may one day be genius's, geologists, and for so little ability to enjoy what you earn for it..."

"If a person were to figure out how many hours teachers work during the school year, then spread it out over a year, I'm guessing, we average at least 40 hours a week over the entire year."

 "... Honestly... you guys deal with a lot more stress than any other job, I can say you guys put your heart out, and often times get stomped on, mistreated disrespected and defiled... one day someone other than a very select group will appreciate teacher for what they do..." 

"You guys are shown so little appreciation, and it makes me sad, to know that right now, I am spelling and using words I would have never known, or even heard of, that at one point a teacher taught me."

 "All of my knowledge except for the self taught. self explored came from a very select amount of teachers, we have a huge effect on how teachers feel about there job, and you have a very large amount of information that we all learned, people always say they hate school, that they think it's stupid... I honestly can't help but laugh at the because almost all they know came from school, if it wasn't for schools and caring teachers that extend their own knowledge and kindness, then the world would walk around being a bunch of prehistoric cavemen."

Thank you 

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