Friday, October 19, 2012

Teaching Social Justice Conference

Dear Dialog,

This weekend I am attending a conference in Portland at Madison High School through the Rethinking Schools Program.

I will be attending three workshops where I will learn about Teaching Social Justice in my classroom. I have chosen a few workshops in each time period.

In my first workshop, I will be attending one of the following:
A. Empowering Students Through Action Research and Storytelling to Transform Classroom Culture
B. Unearthing the Voices Silenced by History

In my second workshop, I will be choosing one of the following:
A. Contemporary Issues that Inspire Historical Fiction
B. Financial Meltdown Tribunal
C. Weedflower: Teaching about Social Justice and Activism through a Novel Unit

In my third workshop, I will be going to this:
A. Minds Matter: Case Studies in College Counseling for Low-Income and Underrepresented Students

We get a lunch and for an extra $40.00, I get one Graduate Quarter Credit which is AWESOME!!!!!!!

I also get to see my wonderful nephews!!! So excited about that. My brother and sister-in law are being kind enough to let me stay at their place. I am packed, ready for classes to be out and ready to head up!!! I cant wait!!!

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