Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grading time!

Dear Dialog,

Well our first Trimester is coming to an end. It has been an interesting one at that. A trimester full of firsts, full of surprises and full of drama!

On November 30th, we have a teacher work day to complete our grading. I am in the progress of getting my students grades entered before hand as I do not want to wait till the last minute to get them entered in. We have to put in comments and they can get monotonous so I like to do one class at a time and separate them over the course of a couple of days.

With this grading period ending, that also means that classes are changing. I am quite happy about that. I am teaching one class of Economics, two classes of Pre-Algebra/Algebra I, one class of US History, one class of World History and one class of Girls PE.

I have taught each of the classes before with the exception of World History. We are going to be focusing on Modern World History. We are going to be studying the connections between various countries and how they impacted one another.

I am ready for these new set of classes and excited for the new term! I cant wait to see what surprises are coming!

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