Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A 180 Degree Change

Dear Dialog,

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. It is almost like it was a 180 degree flip! Almost all of my government students attended class today. Our Education Specialist for the district came in today and observed our classes this morning. I haven't heard anything from her visit to my room, so I am taking no news as good news. The majority of my students have been working diligently on their assignments today. Many of them turned in work and increased their grades. It truly is surprising when they realize how much their grade increases when they turn in work.

The day went better over all, and much better than yesterday. Sometimes, I feel like the stress of it all is really going to wear on me and make me cynical, but I know that this is what I was meant to do and while these days will come, they will always go away as quick as they came.


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