Monday, September 24, 2012

"Oh, Damn... It's Monday Again"

Dear Dialog,

Today was most definitely a Monday. This photo represents how I felt this morning...

And the day only got better...

My 1st period went well... My students were pretty quiet, but I think it was because they were not awake yet.

2nd and 3rd sped up quite a bit. Students were doing everything but their assignments...

Pathways (4th period) came along and they were pretty mellow. The energy was dying down because lunch was about 30 minutes away...

5th and 6th period resulted in a couple of students drawing a a picture of the male genitalia with hair and all,  and then tyring to keep it from my by sliding it into one of my textbooks. This resulted in me going the textbook, trying to find the picture of the penis and FAILED... I had to have another student find it because I could not.

7th period was PE and the girls were excited to go as always although most of my students are sick. It was ok though because we are starting ZUMBA and were learning the basic steps of ZUMBA today. Unfortunately, a certain someone at school failed to realize that I was teaching a class and continued to call me regarding problems with students that could have easily been dealt with over email or waited till after school was over.

8th period was Core Check out... the dread of my day and the dread of my students day as well... It is the last ten minutes of school but most of the kids just wait by the door and count the seconds till I release them.

Oh... How I loathe Mondays!!!

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