Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Will I make it?

Dear Dialog,

Earlier this week, a student of mine told me that she didn't believe that I would make it as a teacher.... BOOM!!! I felt as though I was hit by a freight train. I have never had a student tell me that I would not make it as a teacher. For the rest of the day, I kept second guessing myself. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong to have her say that. I wondered if any of my other students thought the same.

But then... I had an amazing moment that solidified the reason why I was in education and why I am a teacher...

At school, we are doing Academic Labs and students are doing project based assignments in order to show proficiency in a subject area instead of taking a test or doing regular assignments. Two boys came up to my room, who had another teacher during that time, and asked if they could do a project on the Oregon Trail. They wanted to write a paper, do a diagram and present it to us. They wanted to do MORE than what was required because it was going to be fun and they could do something that they were interested in instead of doing tests or worksheets. They kept asking me for ideas, ways to work the project and materials that they needed. They are taking this project on and I am so excited to see the final project!!!!!!!


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